Teeth Cleaning Policy

Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning

Please be aware that when we use the word “You” we are referring to the client. When we use the words “Pawsh Dogs”, “We” and “Us” we are referring to Pawsh Dogs Ltd.

The Emmipet Ultrasonic toothbrush is suitable for mild to moderate tartar build up, it can help heal gum disease, freshen breath & reduce tartar. We have all been fully trained and are qualified to assess your pets’ teeth.  We will provide guidance on how best to progress with the Emmipet brush, how many deep clean sessions you may need before being able to progress onto maintenance cleans.

If upon assessment it is deemed that your pets’ teeth are beyond the capabilities of the Emmipet system and us at Pawsh Dogs we will advise you that veterinary support will be required before us starting Emmipet with you.  Teeth cleaning is not a substitute for veterinary treatment when your pet requires tartar removal.

Emmipet takes precautions against:

Inflammation of the gums
Formation of Tartar
Bad breath (mouth odour/halitosis)
Chronic disease of the oral cavity

Regularly cleaning your pet’s teeth is the most important factor in preventing dental disease.  Approximately 80% of dogs already show signs of dental disease by the age of two.  The Emmipet system is vibration free and noise free, as a result your pet will find it an easy and pleasant procedure to have their teeth cleaned and oral hygiene looked after.

Advantages of Emmipet:

Mechanical tartar removal under anaesthetic can be avoided
Vibration free
Completely silent and non-invasive
NO mechanical movement
No pressure required

Whilst this method of cleaning is highly effective in giving your pets the most effective oral health protection, results will vary depending on your dogs current dental health, diet, previous dental health/visits and behaviour during the sessions.

The purpose of cleaning is to help maintain your pet’s dental health and not vanity purposes.  Tartar, plaque, stains and bacteria will be gradually removed from your pets’ teeth during the course of treatment.

There may be signs of blood on the gum line during and after teeth cleaning as the tartar and plaque are broken down.  The ultrasound technology increases blood flow which helps heal gums and remove bacteria.

We will stop the teeth cleaning session/s and advise you seek veterinary assistance if:

  • Any loose teeth are suspected
  • If your pet objects and/or becomes stressed or aggressive
  • Any obvious abnormalities are visible or suspected in the mouth including but not limited to: a foreign body embedded in the mouth, oral warts, oral injuries or tumours.

If the session has to stop for any health or behavioural reasons, we will take full payment for the session.

Pawsh Dogs Ltd will not be held responsible for any problems occurring from poor dental health before, during or after ultrasonic treatment.

Owners should be aware that removal of even mild tartar can reveal conditions that could not be seen prior to treatment that again we may advise you need to seek veterinary advice.