Arrival and Collection

Arriving early/late for your appointment

Please arrive on time for your appointments, we allocate a suitable length of time in order to groom your pet in as stress free an environment as possible, arriving late eats into the time we allocate and may mean that we will not be able to achieve the full groom. If this is the case the full price of the groom will still apply.

If you arrive early please wait until either your allocated time slot or for us to call you in DO NOT COME INTO THE SALON. We require all of the time we allocate for each pet.  There is a green dog friendly area to walk your pet just past the CO-OP.

If you are running late, please let the salon know asap.  We will try to accommodate your appointment but if you are more than 15 minutes late your pet’s scheduled appointment will be cancelled and the full amount of the groom will be charged.

Collection of your Pet

You will be given a specific time to pick up your pet, please understand that we need this time in order to complete the groom and we ask that you DO NOT return earlier than agreed unless contacted by us to do so. If you arrive early please wait in your vehicle.

If you are running behind to collect your dog, please let the salon know asap.  If you are later than 30 mins a charge of £10 per 30 minutes will be added to your groom.  You may also lose the opportunity to discuss your pet with us, as we may already be busy with another customer.

We pride ourselves on grooming one pet at a time per groomer and aim for as stress free an environment as possible.

The health and welfare of your pet is of utmost importance to us.

Therefore, we believe that you will understand and appreciate these rules. We would be most grateful for your co-operation, should you feel that these new rules may affect you, please feel more than welcome to speak to me. Our customers are very important, and any feedback would be taken into consideration.

Pawsh Dogs Ltd